KPS Clutch slave cylinder Seal

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KPS Clutch slave cylinder Seal Fits all Busas 99 - 2016

The manufacturerforgot” to build in a cover for the clutch slave cylinder. It is located approximately 2 cm next to the chain drive, and is constantly exposed to dirt and chain lubricants.

Occurring damage:

  1. Worn out clutch slave cylinder. The dirt has a sand paper effect when ever the clutch is used and grinds until the walls of the cylinder are worn out, which causes fluid to escape and the clutch to freeze.
  2. Deposits in the clutch fluid container, the reservoir eye turns black and eventually causes the clutch to fail.

The ASBS from Kojak shows the following advantages:

It protects the clutch slave cylinder of the clutch piston from dirt and chain lubricants, which travel up to the clutch fluid container where they are deposited.

It is made of high value aluminium, engraved with KPS-LOGO, because of registered industrial design.

The sealing compound is of best quality.

Installation instructions are enclosed. The installation/modification should only be done by a registered work shop, or a qualified repair man.

Since the modification does not involve the driving safety, it does not have to be TÜV approved.

It fits all models up to 2012! (04 and 05 the manufacturer tried to solve the problem with a simple rubber collar as a seal, but it did not work a 100%)

ASBS = Anti Schwarze Brühe – Schutz (Anti Black Dirt Protection) developed and adapted by Kojak.