Super-Street Cush Drive Rubbers B-King + Busa Gen 2 2008 -18

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Super-Street Cush Drive Rubbers B-King +Busa 08 -18

These KPS Cush Drive Rubbers are much stronger than the stock OEM units.
After 2 years of Testing OEM and other after market Rubbers, KPS found the corekt mesure and very importend the 100% right rubber Mixture.
These rubbers were a long Time Tested in Dragrace, Road Race and in Turbo Bikes.
No chain snipping, no rubber Band effeckt , the Fit is 100% corekt !!!!
For the normal Driver are these perfect. They are harder compound than stock but still flexible enough to absorb shock from the sprocket drive cover ,fitting is a lot tighter than stock ones, shaped differently so they fill the cavities in the sprocket drive cover better, they don't wear out as fast as OEM ones.They will eliminate backlash from the drive caused by compressing stock softer rubbers when accelerating hard...ideal if you drag race but also great for street riding....
Sold in a set with 5 Rubbers. No cheap made in China !!! Special made under my supervision and mesurements !!!!! Only available here at KPS..
A Made in Germany Product.
Fits: Hayabusa 2008 -2018 + All B-Kings