Reinforced Clutch Spring Set Busa Gen 3 year 2021 up

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Reinforced Clutch Spring Set + Gasket Busa Gen 3 2021 up

incl: 3x Reinforced Clutch Springs 1x Clutchcover Gasket

Fits 100%. Better clutch feeling.

Mounts on inner hub, clutch pack does not to be removed

Quicker ET’s for serious sportbike drag racing

Smoothest/ better operation, especially with modified engines, OEM Motors too.

Spring Set helps for longer clutch life

Easy mounting (also on the sidestand possible):

- remove the 10 screws of the Clutchcover carefully (Do not demage the gasket)

- remove adjustment plate of the springs (10mm tool), open screws evenly to avoid damage

- replace springs and screw adjustment plate evenly (12Nm without self locking fluid) check for all steelplates fixed in ( see Pic. Red Color steelplate ) + all 3 Springs are fit in the small extention in the adjustment Plate !!

- mount the 10 screws of the Clutchcover over cross (10Nm without self locking fluid)

Made in Germany by Turborider Team