KPS Clutch Modification Kit Busa 99 - 07

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The stock clutch from Gen1 with its lock up mechanism is grabby and chatters and does not the Job always correctly. This makes good launches almost impossible as all the Dragracers know.

KPS Clutch Mod Kit uses a billet aluminum - hard anodized ring that holds the lock up mechanism in a fixed position. Reinforced clutch springs are included to prevent clutch slippage and your Clutch Plates will hold longer. Because of the week, too thin front Sproket Cover, this can and does crack a lot. The Bracket will solve this Problem also.

The Springs are custom made from Street and Dragrace Tests and my messurements.

The complete kit absolutely fits into a much better clutch feel.

Now you will have a clutch that is a clutch. You can not find a better Clutch Modification that works better.