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ECU Hacking B-King 2007 up

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ECU Hacking B-King 2007 up

Just send your ECU in to us and we'll flash it, 5th and 6th Gear limiters will be removed - with that the Top Sped Limiter is removed too. You will feel the more power and speed on your Bike. The rev limiter can be changed if you want to. The stock limiter is set at 11100 RPM - can go up to 11300RPM like the Hayabusa Gen 2. Same price !!! We'll then ship it back to you only with DHL insured shiping.

Please ship in only with insured Postage with Traking number !!

Off Road Use Only! Not to be used on any public roads or highways. KPS will not be held liable for any engine damage. Owner/Rider assumes all risks.

For all B-Kings your gear indicator will still work properly!

No changing the ECUs, you will get your own Blackbox back.